Planning Your Company Vacation

If you have been put in charge of planning your company vacation, you need to start as early as possible by making a list of everything that you need to do and what you can manage to do with the budget that you have been given. It is more than likely that the budget that you have been given is barely enough to cover a proper vacation but your colleagues are depending on you to give them a good time and your company is depending on you to plan out the best trip you can possibly plan out with the money that you have been given.

Make a list

Start making a list of all the possible places that you can visit with the budget that you have been given. You could start looking at tours to Blue Mountains from Sydney for example which are not too expensive and will usually include food and drinks with the package do that you will not need to spend on them separately.

In fact for trips from Sydney to Blue Mountains you should be able to get a good discount for a big group of people and therefore reduce the expenditure even further. You will be guarantee to give all of your colleagues an amazing time while still sticking within the budget that you have been given.

In order to save money, you could even make it a potluck trip where each person bring a small snack or a drink with them on the trip to share so that you do not risk running out of food. In fact, the tour will only offer lunch but your colleagues may want to have a night dancing with snacks and food. You could organize a house or a guest house that you can all go to after the tour to continue the party if you have a little money left over and you can use the potluck snacks that are left over for this party.

Get everyone involved in the planning

When planning the trip, make sure that you get everyone involved with the planning so that each person can share their ideas for the night. You might be quite surprised to get some very good ideas from some of your colleagues and they may even have contacts who can provide you with things for your trip at a discounted rate if you are lucky enough. Add some fun games to the itinerary to make the night even livelier and give out a few small gifts to the winners of the games.